Our Papers

Researchers from the Project present at International Conferences (Summer 2023)

13th International Congress of Egyptology, Leiden, 6th-11th August 2023 (https://ice2023.com/)

Urban Landscapes in Roman and Late Antique Egypt: Tracing the City History of Antinoopolis From Papyrological and Archaeological Datasets                                                                              Stefania Alfarano, François Gerardin, 10th August 2023


Ewa-Wypscyska Late Antique Seminar, University of Warsaw, 15th June 2023

Cityscapes in Roman Egypt in Papyri: The Example of Antinoopolis                                                  François Gerardin


International conference Urbes clariores aliis, Istituto Svizzero of Rome, 11th-12th May 2023 (https://www.istitutosvizzero.it/it/conferenza/urbes-clariores-aliis/)

Shaping Cities: Building Investment and Urban Development in Late Antique Egypt                 Stefania Alfarano, 11th May 2023

“Metropolis of the Thebaid:” City Government and Imperial Administration at Antinoopolis from the Third to the Fourth Century CE                                                                                                     François Gerardin, 12th May 2023

Honorific Epithets and Interurban Competition in Roman and Late Antique Egypt: The Case of Herakleopolis Magna                                                                                                                       Lucas Weisser-Gericke, 12th May 2023


Swiss Papyrology Day, Neuchâtel, 27th January 2023

The Honorific Titles of Antinoopolis and Heracleopolis Magna                                                            François Gerardin, Lucas Weisser-Gericke


International Graduate Conference of the Basel Doctoral Program in Ancient Civilisations,      Basel, 28th - 29th Novemeber 2022                                                                    (https://daw.philhist.unibas.ch/en/news-events/events/details/graduiertentagung-2022/)

Expressing Local Identity in Roman Heracleopolis Magna                                                                  Lucas Weisser-Gericke, 29th November 2022


30th Congress of Papyrology, Paris, 25th - 30th July 2022 (https://xxxthicp.sciencesconf.org/):

The Christian Community in Antinoopolis, c. 295-300                                                                         François Gerardin, 28th July 2022

Re-contextualising papyri: New Light on Ulrich Wilcken’s 1899 Excavation in Heracleopolis Magna Stefania Alfarano, Lucas Weisser-Gericke, 29th July 2022


Papyri and Latin Texts conference, Naples, 5th - 8th July 2022 (https://platinum-erc.it/):

Latin in the City: Language Choice among the people of Antinoopolis                                               François Gerardin, 6th July 2022